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Complex Care 

*Please bear with us while we work on this page*

Welcome to the Complex Care page. Here you will find a range of resources to support your understanding of what is Complex Care, but also how you may go about supporting someone with Complex Care needs or indeed just learn more about it.



 I am Gillian Morrison, Professional Lead for the Complex Care Programme. I have been a qualified social worker since 1995, initially working with Older Adults in a number of different local authorities before moving to the Learning Disability Team in 2004. I continued to work in that team until 2016 initially as a social worker but latterly as a senior practitioner supported both the Learning Disability Team and Transitions Team. A part of the restructure of the adult social work service in 2016 I moved from the Learning Disability team to the Access team initially as an Assistant Team Leader and then as team leader, in addition during this time I continued to manage the Transition Team.


Complex Care Transformation Programme aims to improve the lives of those with Complex Care needs, enabling them to live in their own homes and experience better outcomes through support packages which are financially sustainable. To enable this to happen there needs to be a cultural change in how we as a workforce engage with individuals their families and carers. Learning is therefore an important part of this cultural change as it provides us as workforce with an opportunity and space to reflect, challenge our understanding and practices, gain new knowledge and embed this within our practice.


The person needs to be at the heart of the work we do, which can often be challenging within our current work environment which is fast paced, demanding, process and financially driven. Learning provides an opportunity to take time out of that environment to examine a practice, challenge our perceptions, generate discussion which will improve practice and provide better outcomes to the people we support.