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Welcome to the Perth and Kinross What Matters to You pages. 


We are really excited to be working together with you and Tommy Whitelaw over the coming year.  The What Matters to You? movement will support our localities to embed a collaborative, collective approach across Perth and Kinross while recognising the huge importance of nurturing and developing the way we work, teams and relationships. 

Each locality will have 4 days of Tommy’s time and this is a fantastic opportunity to enable us to engage the heart and minds of those who plan and deliver care in our localities. The WMTY approach advocates respect, innovation and action to improve outcomes for colleagues and in turn the people and communities we serve.  There will need to be open and honest discussion about the whole system to enable clarity and consistency of vision, direction and purpose across our localities embedding our values of ambition, compassion and  integrity.  This will allow us to explore so many possibilities to really make a difference for us as an integrated workforce and to the people we serve.

Together everyone achieves more and this is the start of something very special for Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership.  We will be celebrating all the wonderful achievements at an event on the 23 May 2024, keep it in your diary!



What Matters to You? - Perth and Kinross Team 

We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves, we are.... 

Moyra Gill 

Hiya, I'm Moyra and what matters to me is the wonderful people who touch my life, my faith, being out and about in nature (land or sea) and making a difference. I work in Learning & Development and I enjoy creating environments that enable people to flourish. My work means that I get to work with so many amazing and inspirational people across P&K. I love being part of the WMTYPK collaboration team and I'm so excited to work with you all to develop even more opportunities around person centred care and support, kindness and "what matters to you?

Suzanne Whyte

I became involved in the “What matters to you?” movement right at the start. It really felt important to me that staff heard the thanks that Tommy’s gives in his talk and I recognised the importance for staff having the right space to reflect on what really matters to them?

Inclusion is extremely important to me and I believe the best work is achieved by many people sharing the workload. It matters to me that staff have a balance with work and their own lives. If I can help teams reflect or work differently to achieve this I will. It really matters to me that staff are recognised for the great work they do every single day.

Melanie Hogg 

Hi, I’m Mel. What matters to me? Within my own little bubble, my family (including my little cat, Wanda) and my health. Outside of that – it matters that everyone is treated fairly. That people are confident enough to go for what they want and work towards their goals, no matter who says what about it. It matters that my team feel involved and that the door is always open for them. Morals matter to me. 

Hilary Thomson 

Hi, My name is Hilary and What Matters To Me is my amazing family (pets included), friends, the great outdoors and enjoying life. I joined the WMTY project team at the start of 2023 and have been inspired by the work Tommy and the Alliance do in spreading the What Matters To You ethos around person centred care and kindness. I hope you take the opportunity to attend one of the upcoming sessions and look forward to finding out What Matters To You.

Robin Kinnear

Hi, my name is Robin and what matters to me is my family, my dogs, spending time with my friends, and all things entertainment (Film,TV and Music). I have been involved with WMTY since towards the end of 2022 from a marketing perspective attending all of these wonderful events and capturing images/data to share with the wider public. Seeing these amazing people at the events and hearing Tommy's story has been such a rewarding experience and it is a privilidge to share all of this with everyone. I can't encourage you enough to attend one of these sessions.  

Upcoming Events  

29th January 2024 Care and Treatment Hub, Aberfeldy
30th January 2024 Loch Leven Health Centre
23rd May 2024 Celebration Event

If you would like to attend our session on the 29th you can fill out our online form below. 

Online Form | 29th January


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