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Suicide Prevention

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Online Training

Eloise is the Suicide Prevention co-ordinator for Perth and Kinross. This role includes raising awareness of suicide, encouraging open and supportive conversations about suicidal feelings, and working towards creating and maintaining communities in Perth and Kinross that value positive mental well-being. 

These courses are for anyone who wishes to learn more about suicide prevention and mental health. They can be used by professionals, managers, carers, friends and family, and members of the public who are looking to be more supportive in their approach to people who are experiencing mental distress. They are suitable for people with little or previous training or knowledge of mental health and/or suicide prevention.

NB: These courses are designed to allow participants to develop relevant skills and knowledge to support others with their mental health and well-being. The subject matter can be challenging and upsetting, particularly for those with personal experience of the topics raised. Having someone supportive nearby can be useful when taking part in these modules. That personal could be a friend, a co-worker, or anyone else you trust. A list of supportive organisations can be found in the Mental Health Directory of Services, downloadable here:

Mental Health in Perth and Kinross



Support can also be access through the Tayside Community Listening Service who can be reached on 07967771941

For information about suicide, please see the Tayside app and website ‘Suicide? Help!’

 Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Online Training

Mental Health Improvement, Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Awareness Raising Animations

This link will take you to a page that hosts three animated videos.  These animations have been produced to support the implementation of Scotland’s Public Health Priorities for Mental Health, Scotland’s Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027; and Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan – Every Life Matters. They cover the areas of mental wellbeing, suicide prevention and having compassionate conversations with people who are experiencing mental distress or may be feeling suicidal. They are designed to support learning at the Informed Level of Scotland’s Knowledge and Skills Framework for Mental Health Improvement, Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention. While each animation can be viewed on its own, we recommended all 3 are completed. There is a short quiz after the videos to review what you have learned.

Approx 30 mins

You will need to create a free Turas account to view these videos. Sign up will ask for you Name, contact details and job details.


COVID-19 Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a humane, supportive and flexible response to people who are in distress or suffering during and after crises or emergencies like the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is designed to support anyone who is delivering health or social care to deliver effective PFA throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and will discuss how the pandemic may affect us, how to deliver effective PFA, how to adapt PFA to the needs of vulnerable groups and how to take care of yourself while providing PFA

Approx one hour

You will need to create a free Turas account to complete this module. Sign up will ask for you Name, contact details and job details.


Zero Suicide Alliance Training

Contains three modules which provide a better understanding of the signs to look out for in someone who may be struggling with suicidal feelings. The ‘Step Up’ module gives a brief introduction to social isolation and how to help someone who may be isolated, taking into account the significant changes that society has undergone recently. The ‘Gateway’ module is a brief introduction to awareness. The ‘Suicide Awareness Training’ is a more in-depth suicide awareness training session which aims to deliver the skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide. The modules include voiceovers; closed captions are available.

Approx one hour to complete all modules

You do not need to make an account to access this resource, although there will be some questions at the start regading your demographics and location, and profession.


COVID-19: responding to people in mental distress and crisis

This PDF resource aims to help you to understand mental distress and why someone’s mental wellbeing may be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Approx 15 mins

No sign up needed


COVID-19: mental health and suicide prevention

This PDF resource is aimed at staff who have a direct role in supporting people’s health in a variety of settings and who, in the context of their work, may come into contact with people who are experiencing distress, crisis or thoughts of suicide

Approx 15 mins

No sign up needed


COVID-19: Older Adults and Mental Health & Suicide

This PDF is aimed at people who come into contact with older adults who may be in mental distress. This may be through their work in any setting including health and social care staff, carers, or volunteers.

Approx 15 mins

No sign up needed


Mentally Healthy Workplaces Training

This training has been designed to increase awareness of mental health in the workplace. While this course was developed before the COVID-19 pandemic it remains valuable for understanding mental health and supporting positive mental health. It provides an overview of mental health and mental health problems and information about the impact of stress in the workplace, the laws supporting mental health at work and the benefits of a workplace that supports our own and our colleagues mental health

Approx one and half hours

Public Health Scotland account needed. You will need to choose and user name and password, and provide your email address, name, location, and employment or student details.