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Welcome to our Resources. Here you will find a selection of tools, video, references and links on a number of different subjects to support your learning and development. Based on your individual, team or service needs, you can choose and try out relevant resources in relation to what matters to you.

These resources can be insightful in enabling understanding which can support reflection, behaviour change and facilitate an exploration of what you do, and why and how you do it.

Staff Supervision

We are committed to supporting staff with effective supervision to promote leadership and encourage learning and development both personally and professionally.

There was some consultation gathered from supervisee's on their supervision experiences. We have also been working together with those with a supervisory role  to help us design a learning workshop on support and supervision. The design and implementation of this workshop is progressing well and we aim to deliver the first workshop around August/September 2019 so watch this space for more information to follow!

In the meantime you may find the following external links helpful to support staff with supervision: 

SSSC - Step Into Leadership

IRISS - Achieving Effective Supervision


Access to Coaching in PKC

The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)

Team coaching is now available through the Affina Team Journey . More information can be found here.  Please contact Moyra Gill in the first instance to express your interest or if you would like to discuss to know more. Moyra can be contacted on or call on 01738 476496

SSSC Registration

Registered workers

Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) – Who should apply to register?

Social workers, social work students and many groups of social service workers are required by law to register with the SSSC if they are not registered with another regulatory body.  Registration is compulsory for the majority of workers required to register with the SSSC. If you fall into any of the groups recognised for registration you need to register with the SSSC or another regulatory body by the specified date. If you don’t it will mean Perth & Kinross Council will be committing an offence if they continue to employ you in this role.

Workers new into a role recognised for registration will have six months from the date they start to register with the SSSC.

Employers’ Responsibilities

Perth & Kinross Council have a legal responsibility to make sure that all of their staff are appropriately registered, as they would be committing an offence if they continue to employ an unregistered worker for more than six months after their start date in a role recognised for registration.

For this purpose, here at Learning & Development we are collating  staff’s SSSC registration details for inputting into each staff’s individual training record on our Learning & Development Database.

Registration details required from staff are: Name; payroll number; registration start date; registration renewal date; role start date, renewal fee payment date. 


You will find SVQ application forms and resources to support you in your role and your SVQ journey. 

SVQ application forms

SVQ Resources


Open Badges

Learning and Development with support from SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council) will be offering the opportunity for staff to apply for open badges relating to the learning they have experienced.

Open Badges


Learning and Development can be found in many shapes and sizes, and although as a partnership Perth and Kinross offers a range of opportunities, there are other possibilities out there for us to explore. You may be looking for a different kind of learning environment, you might want to implement a collaborative idea with the community you work with, or it could be that you have heard about some innovative work being implemented in another country and would like to find out more.

Funding for these ‘out of the ordinary’ opportunities is not always realistic for the organisation to financially support, however because they are recognised as helpful to progression, innovation and improvement there are external funding sources which can provide the means. Please have a look at the different links, which through different application processes, provide people with the opportunity to source funding to support learning and development.

On these websites there are many examples of the amazing work supported, such as the Winston Churchill memorial Fund - 

Kirsten Horsburgh travelled to Australia in 2015 to research strategies aimed at reducing drug-related deaths.

Bryce Evans travelled to Peru in 2014 to learn about community kitchens.

The act of real discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes. 
- Marcel Proust


Funding Opportunities for the workforce to support learning and development

Kings fund

Skills for care


Scottish Government

Scottish Funding Council

My World of Work

Scottish Enterprise

Shared Care Scotland

Communities and Small Businesses

Innovation portal

Funding Scotland

Foundation Scotland

Scottish Enterprise

Community Funds

Innovation centre


 Digital Skills



World of work is changing

PKC Digital Skills Team

What the Internet is doing to our brain


Reading and Watching


Here you will find some materials we have found interesting, inspiring and have supported us to take action, you might like them too...



Ted Talk - Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe

Ted Talk - Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Conversation - Simon Sinek - Milennials

 Roselinde Torres on What it takes to be a great leader

David Marquet - "What is Leadership?"

Stanley McChrystal - Listen, learn .... then lead


IRISS - What does good leadership look like?

 Leadership and Management for the Public Sector


Service Design


Christian Bason (a former public servant) talking about ‘Co creating a better society’

Co Brown – Design Thinking – Maximizing your students’ creative talent

Tim Brown – Designer – Co Founder of IDEO Talking about design thinking

Tim Brown urged designers to think big

Giovanni Corazza’s TEDx Talk on Creative Thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas.

Birgit Mager, What is Service Design? (Köln International School of Design)

Tina Seelig - A crash course in creativity

The Story of Codesign by Think Public

 Tom Wujec on Problem Solving 



Lucy Kimbell - Social Design methods

Design: Master of design for services

Design Council

John Seddon: Service Design books




Author Roman Krznaric - The Power of Outrospection

Roman Krznaric – Talking about Outrospection/Empathy




 Chimamanda Adiche – The Danger of a Single Story 

Cormac Russell on the value of stories and his technique to tell them


 Personalities and Behaviours


Brene Brown - The power of vulnerability

Susan Cain’s TED Talk on The Power of Introverts


Improvement and Innovation


Ted Talk - Jos de Blok: Healthcare, humanity above bureaucracy 

Harvard Business School. Inquiry and Innovation

 D Reilly, Healing in the age of science



Paul Bate, Glenn Robert: Bringing user experience to healthcare improvement

 Hamilton, David (2016) Using Science to Inspire David Hamilton

 Lucas (2015) Getting The Improvement Habit

Syed, M (2015) Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure. BBC. BBC News magazine

Henley, P (2015) Would citizens’ assemblies work? BBC. BBC News- England- Hampshire

 New perspectives, New Opportunities

  Long term Condition Alliance Scotland. (2008). Guan Yersel: The self management strategy for Long Term Conditions in Scotland. Scotland Gov- Gaun Yersel

NESTA DIY Toolkit:

Speaking up/Public speaking

Julien Treasure - How to speak so that people listen

  Ted Talk - Adam Galinsky: How to Speak Up for Yourself

 Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS)

SSKS is a website and digital library dedicated to the social services sector.

CLICK HERE to find high-quality materials like e-books and e-journals to help inform your research and practice


 Reflection and single and double loop learning

Learning, reflection, change

Theories of Action - double loop learning

Journal of Leadership



Iriss is a charitable company that promotes positive outcomes for the people who use Scotland's social services, by enhancing the capacity and capability of the social services workforce, to access and make use of knowledge and research for service innovation and improvement.

Iriss uses three approaches in the work that they do:

  • We inform - create conditions for effective information sharing
  • We translate and facilitate - support individuals and groups to make use of evidence
  • We co-create - work with communities to test out ideas and create conditions for embedding change

CLICK HERE to be taken to the Iriss website or have a look below for some specific reading/watching material you might find interesting and inspiring!


Iriss Insights are a wide variety of topics discussed in these evidence summaries including Achieving effective supervision, Prison leavers and homelessness,  Peer support roles in mental health services and Extending the housing options for older people. 

They outline the evidence and discuss the potential implications for the social services.

Why not check them out!

Useful Links


Care Inspectorate


NHS Health Scotland

Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS)

National Social Services Search


Chartered Institute of Housing (CiH)

Perth UHI

Dundee Uni

Stirling Uni

Glasgow Uni

Open University

Quality Assurance


Easy Manual handling



What’s it about?

The Easy Manual Handling website is a user friendly resource for people to access, share and support or be supported in Perth and Kinross.

Looking for information to support the people your support or loved ones can be a challenging experience, however the Easy Manual Handling Website is filled with lots of easy to understand information, guidance and videos it aims to support your journey through manual handling and is available to you day and night.

Please click the link below to the Easy Manual Handling Website:

Easy Manual Handling 






Royal Victoria Hospital, Dundee 

To make an appointment  or for further information

Tel: 01382 423110  Ext: 40806




Emergency out of Hours Tel: 07917 183804


Here to Listen

- Make  an appointment for one to one confidential support

Group Support

- Informal group support and reflection

- Values Based Reflective Practice

Managing Stress and Anxiety

- Introductions to Mindfulness


- Culture and Language in the NHS

- Values in Healthcare


- Find out more about the service

- Signpost to further help


Confidential Telephone Support

Emergency out of Hours Tel: 07917 183804


Health Related Information