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Personalisation and Self Directed Support

The Perth and Kinross Self Directed Support team provide in house support for clients, families, private sector, health and social care partnership and the 3rd sector,  across all ages and client groups.

This is done through 1 to 1 conversations and group sessions with clients and families, groups and new and existing workers, as well as on going support with locality teams to promote personalisation through the SDS process, to enable choice, flexibility and control.

The Self Directed Support Team and the Learning and Development team work in partnership, striving to continually meet the personal learning needs of individuals and teams by being responsive and exploring personalisation and SDS across all localities.

Personalisation and SDS Guide

Personalisation Leaflet



Eligibility Criteria

What does the Eligibility Criteria mean to you?

How do you use the Eligibility Criteria?

How does the Eligibility Criteria support your practice?


Please click below for the Eligibility Map 

Eligibility Criteria


Eligibility Criteria Guidance 

The Eligibility Criteria was devised by the Scottish Government and  adopted by PKC in 2010. 

The Eligibility Criteria is an essential part of understanding the individual needs of people, therefore we need to know how to use it.

There are four levels within the Eligibility Criteria. The criteria levels are broken into Critical, Substantial, Moderate and Low.

Critical- This level would be applied if it was deemed that the risk level for the client/carer required a response the same day or next day. If there was no response there would be a likelihood of serious injury/impact on health/admission into hospital/death. There is also a high risk of carer breakdown which may have an impact which would lead to them being unable to provide support to the cared for person, including hospital admission. Work to be completed on duty same day, or passed to Assistant Team Leader (ATL) or Team Leader (TL) for screening and allocation (critical). Discussion needs to take place with relevant ATL/TL prior to passing the case on. 

Substantial- This level would be applied if it was deemed that a further deterioration would occur without support which could result in hospital admission, risk of injury/impact on health or carer breakdown. However care does not need to be provided immediately, but within a 1-2 week period. The information to be gathered on duty which gives a clear understanding of the level of need, which will help prioritise when passed for allocation. This would then be passed through to the ATL/TL for allocation.

Moderate- This level would be applied where it was deemed that client/carer is managing, but would benefit from some supports to improve quality of life. This may relate to small OT equipment, social isolation, showering etc. Supports required can often be met by informal supports, 3rd sector, and family or community resources. Signposting is an essential part of the screening process. However if suitable provision can-not be sourced via the previous suggestions then an assessment for more formal supports may be of benefit. Information within the contact should reflect the options considered and the reasons for passing for screening and allocation. This would then be passed through to the ATL/TL for allocation.

Low- This level would be applied where the risk of deterioration is very low, and the client/carer is managing well. This is often in relation to client/carers phoning in looking for advice. It maybe that people are looking for information about future care needs, such as moving on from home into supported accommodation. Other agencies are best able to support these individuals and signposting is offered. No further action from these contacts would be the outcome as Perth and Kinross do not provide a service to this level.

Assessment and review should be done in conjunction with the eligibility criteria.


Useful Documents

A guide to Eligibility Leaflet

Scottish Government - National Eligibility Criteria


Easy Manual Handling



What’s it about?

The Easy Manual Handling website is a user friendly resource for people to access, share and support or be supported in Perth and Kinross.

Looking for information to support the people your support or loved ones can be a challenging experience, however the Easy Manual Handling Website is filled with lots of easy to understand information, guidance and videos it aims to support your journey through manual handling and is available to you day and night.

Please click the link below to the Easy Manual Handling Website:

Easy Manual Handling