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What We Do Around Here

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A new venture soon to come from PK Learning is called ‘What We Do Around Here.”  It is recognised that as a huge organisation, we don’t always know - well – what we all do around here. 

The stories of who we are and what we do will be shared using podcasts and bite-sized videos, putting a face to the name, creating a few lightbulb moments as we realise how we are all connected.

But now, COVID-19 has taken charge. Our global ‘black swan’. The ‘Corona’ virus, so-called because of its microscopic crown-like structure, is sweeping the world like a despotic tyrant, removing our freedoms, knocking us all sideways and leaving us reeling.

So, what we are doing around here has suddenly, dramatically changed. In a matter of weeks we have had our roles, responsibilities and place of work turned upside down as we try to navigate our way through this transformation.

Many of us are familiar with the Kubler-Ross change curve, and we have seen elements of this globally. The denial – it will be fine. It’s no worse than the flu. It won’t come here.

Loss is now being acutely felt by most of us, in so many ways. Changes in teams and location means we have lost how we normally work. Families have been split apart. Grandparents being separated newly-born babies as they self-isolate to stay safe. Parents are estranged from older children who they might normally see at weekends. This is painful. We are bereft, grieving for ourselves, each other, and the world.

How do we keep ourselves well through all of this?

One way to think about the days and weeks that lie ahead is the ‘whirlpool’ model of grief. Rather than see our challenges as being linear, with a beginning, a middle and an end, we can see this as a journey, moving forward through the twists and turns.



The ‘whirlpool’ illustration might help us make sense of where we are, and show that there is a way through.

“You are not working from home: you are at your home during a crisis trying to work.”

Keep well and safe. You can find some helpful resources on our wellbeing page.

We are connecting as best as we can, re-aligning our skills and offering the best of ourselves to support each other. It’s what we do around here.


We are looking at gathering stories of ‘What We Do Around Here’ from people working in the partnership, based around five questions. These can either be sent by email, or by people filming themselves. The questions are;

1)Your name

2)Your role

3) How Covid-19 has affected you, your work and your life

4) What you do to get past this and what helps

5) What does working in care and support mean to you during this time?

Please click on the Youtube video below for more information.



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