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Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness 

Welcome to the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Learning Page. 




Our collective aim is to  raise awareness of suicide and mental health, encouraging open and supportive conversations about suicidal feelings, and working towards creating and maintaining communities in Perth and Kinross that value positive mental well-being. 

The  Suicide Prevention and Mental Health  learning courses, videos, stories and resources are for anyone who wishes to learn more about suicide prevention and mental health.

They can be used by professionals, managers, carers, friends and family, and members of the public who are looking to be more supportive in their approach to people who are experiencing mental distress. They are suitable for people with little or previous training or knowledge of mental health and/or suicide prevention.


Key things to consider when exploring this content:  These learnings, videos, stories and resources  are designed to allow participants to develop relevant skills and knowledge to support others with their mental health and well-being.

The subject matter can be challenging and upsetting, particularly for those with personal experience of the topics raised. Having someone supportive nearby can be useful when taking part in these modules. That personal could be a friend, a co-worker, or anyone else you trust. A list of supportive organisations can be found in the Mental Health Directory of Services, downloadable here:

Mental Health in Perth and Kinross

 Support can also be access through the Tayside Community Listening Service who can be reached on 07967771941

For information about suicide, please see the Tayside app and website ‘Suicide? Help!’






We are offering a range of online and face to face learning sessions on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health, all you have to do is click the link below to get started..  



Scottish Mental Health First Aid Course (SMHFA)

 Dates     Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March 2023 

Times    09:00 – 16.00  

Location  SCYD, Wellmeadow House Gas Brae, Blairgowrie PH10 6AY


Don’t Miss Out – Book Now via Link the Link:

 The SMHFA programme – The following is a brief outline of what is covered on the course:

  • guidance on being a Mental Health First Aider
  • attitudes to mental health issues
  • equalities
  • the recovery message
  • the impact of alcohol and drugs on mental health
  • introduction to suicide intervention
  • listening skills
  • understanding depression
  • how to offer first aid to someone experiencing depression
  • understanding anxiety
  • how to offer first aid to someone experiencing anxiety
  • understanding psychosis
  • how to offer first aid to someone experiencing a psychotic episode.
  • The course does not train people to be mental health workers. It offers basic general information about mental health problems. The knowledge presented and understanding developed in the course helps to remove stigma and fear and to give confidence in approaching a person in distress.


Mental Health First Aid is an initial response to distress and all participants on the course understand that this help is given only until other suitable or professional help can be found


Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Learning Programme

 Scottish Mental Health First Aid Courses 2022

  Suicide Intervention & Prevention Programme 2022


You can hear from people who have experienced suicidal thoughts and have come out the other side by clicking the link below

NHS Inform - Surviving Suicidal Thoughts - Stories



Please watch this short film from MIND 

Mental Health: In Our Own Words 







 Why Community Support Groups Matter

A support group is a gathering of people facing common issues to share what’s troubling them. Through the sharing of experiences, they’re able to offer support, encouragement, and comfort to the other group members, and receive the same in return.

When you’re going through a challenging or traumatic time, family members and friends may sympathize, but they don’t always know what to say or the best ways to help.

Support groups developed to join people together who are dealing with similar difficult circumstances. That may be coping with a specific medical condition, a mental health issue like depression, anxiety, bereavement, or addiction, for example, or caring for a family member or friend facing such a problem. Whatever issues you or a loved one are facing, though, the best medicine can often be the voice of people who have walked in your shoes.

A support group offers a safe place where you can get information that’s practical, constructive, and helpful. You’ll have the benefit of encouragement, and you’ll learn more about coping with your problems through shared experiences. Hearing from others facing similar challenges can also make you feel less alone in your troubles.

 Here are some of the community support  groups and registered charities making a difference in Perth & Kinross...           





The Lighthouse for Perth is a local non-profit service offering crisis support for anyone aged 12+ who is at risk of self-harm or suicide.

We offer crisis support to anyone who is at risk with their mental health.  This includes those who are at risk of suicide or self-injury, or those who find themselves in emotional distress or crisis. 

The Lighthouse for Perth is a safe place for all. This means all our staff and volunteers are committed to establishing a welcoming, non-judgemental approach for anyone with suicide or self harming behaviours.

You can reach them on freephone crisis line on 0800 121 4820, Facebook messenger or email   

Our opening hours - Monday - Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Our location - 18 St Paul's Square, The Neuk, Perth, PH1 5QW.

 Outside these hours please ring our crisis line available 24/7

0800 121 4820

For more information please click the link below

The Lighthouse






The Neuk is Anchor Houses’ flagship, multi-agency, one stop, crisis centre, dealing with all realms of mental health. We have been working tirelessly to secure funding for the service. As at 18/01/21 we are actively recruiting to enable us to bring this service to you on a 24/7 basis and expectations are that we will go ‘Live’ with this early in April 2021. At present we ask that you visit our Facebook page for up to date opening times

We are here to offer support and solutions to people reaching out for help. This is can be in any situation that leaves them feeling unable to cope. When someone reaches a point of crisis, this state of mind is normally only maintained for anything between 20 to 60 minutes.  The adrenaline produced in this state thankfully cannot be maintained long-term so if we can be available at this point then we can make a difference. When in crisis you cant wait for an appointment or a referral to a specialist, you need help there and then and our aim is to provide this at The Neuk.

Our crisis centre will provide a safe haven for these people and a support service to ensure we can meet all their needs, no matter how complex.  The key to our services will be a connected approach with a number of agencies working together towards the same outcome.  So many agencies work independently which restricts outcomes, and we aim to address this by making the Neuk a multi-agency network led by local organisations and volunteers from within the community we aim to serve.

The Neuk is a ‘Hub’ for services in Perth and Kinross with similar aims and objectives to support those in crisis.


If you need more information or require further supports please click on the link  below

The Neuk Mental Health Crisis Centre







Mindspace is an innovative charity that has been supporting people experiencing mental ill health for nearly 40 years. Our aim is to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for both adults and young people within Perth and Kinross.

Provision of support is through three main areas. Our Counselling Service provides one to one therapy from our highly trained counsellors to adults and young people over 11 years of age. Mindspace Recovery College is our award winning service! Established in 2014, it was the first independent mental health recovery college in Scotland. It takes a unique, educational approach to understanding and managing mental ill health through the provision of group courses. With the input from people with lived experience, our students gain the skills and tools to cope in their daily lives. Launched in 2017, our Peer Support Service is our latest addition, where our Peer Support Workers use their lived experience of mental ill health to support others on their recovery journey.

To find our more please click the link... 


South William Street is a supported living service based in Perthshire. With a dedicated team of Support Workers, trained to deliver person-centred care to adults with complex mental health, they support people to live independently in their own homes and to lead active, enjoyable, and fulfilling lives.

 South William Street is part of Community Integrated Care, one of the UK’s biggest and most successful social care charities, supporting over 2,500 people across the UK with a diverse range of care needs including: learning disabilities, autism and mental health concerns.

 To find out more about the support available,

you can get in touch with Community Integrated Care at

or visit Community Integrated Care