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SAGE & THYME Workshops


The SAGE & THYME model was developed by clinical staff at the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and a patient in 2006.  SAGE & THYME is designed to train all grades of staff how to listen and respond to patients/clients or carers who are distressed or concerned.  It places published research evidence about effective communication skills within a memorable structure for clinical practice.


SAGE & THYME is a mnemonic which guides healthcare professional/care workers into and out of a conversation with someone who is distressed or concerned.  It provides structure to psychological support by encouraging the health worker to hold back with advice and prompting the concerned person to consider their own solutions.


SAGE & THYME is designed for foundation level communication, suitable for any member of staff (e.g. medical secretary, outpatient clerk, nurse, physiotherapist, doctor, social worker and student) and for any speciality.  It is suitable to be used with patients and carers, students, colleagues and children – anyone who is distressed or concerned – in any health and social care setting.


Due toCovid-19 pandemic restrictions, SAGE & THYME has been redesigned for a 2 hours 45 minutes virtual workshop for up to 20 participants. Three facilitators provide an interactive learning experience.


To take part in the virtual SAGE & THYME workshop you will require access to a laptop or PC with a camera and microphone (or headset) and with sufficient internet speed of 2.5 mbps upload and download (to be able to play the videos that are integral to the course outcomes).


To book a place:

NHS staff log onto learnPro Course Booking System 

On the home page scroll down to the bottom and you will see training events/course booking:

Click on apply for events; put Health SAGE & THYME into the name box and you will be able to choose from any workshops that still have availability. Click on Select and Book event.

You will require line manager approval so do need to have your line manager details on your profile. To check that you have that in place, go to Profile on the home page address bar, Line Manager and you will have an option to add or change if the manager is not current. Your manager will get an e-mail and confirm your place and you will receive an e-mail of confirmation.

If you are not an NHS employee, please e-mail your request to  

For further information on the model you can access the SAGE & THYME website at:

To ensure that you are able to participate in the workshop, it is strongly suggested that you log on to the link you will be given for the workshop to address any IT issues at least 15 minutes before the workshop commences.


SAGE & THYME Virtual Course Dates 2021                                                                                     

Date & Time

 Tuesday 22nd June, 1.30-4.15pm

Tuesday 3rd August, 1.30-4.15pm

Wednesday 8th September, 1.30 - 4.15pm

Tuesday 26th October, 1.30 - 4.15pm