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Talking Mats

Name of the session

Talking Mats

 Description of course

Talking Mats is an award-winning communication enhancement tool that was designed by Speech and Language Therapists and further developed from extensive research.  It's a great tool for a "blether" with those you support to help identify and support their wishes. preferences and needs.

Talking Mats

The course was designed by the organisation "Talking Mats" and is delivered by the learning & development teams accredited trainers, Wyness Glennie & Yvonne Gray.  The sessions are split over two half days with space between to put your learning into action, returning with a video for self evaluation.   

 Who is it for?

PKC staff who are supporting individuals who may experience difficulty in thinking and communicating their views on aspects of their life, whether in regard to present services received, setting goals, preferred outcomes or just as getting to know you tool.

What will I learn?

  • To equip staff with the skill and knowledge to use an established communication/ thinking tool which can enable individuals to: structure and verbalise their thoughts; make choices expressing both negative and positive views; be involved in decisions, give opinions and express their preferences or feelings which can help in identifying personalised outcomes and promote equality.
  • To allow participants to view and review their own communication styles when facilitating a Talking Mat session.

Please note there is a charge of £25 for this course, for this each trainee receives a certificate, booklet and a Talking Mats symbol set from following adult sets:

  • Health (coping, mobility & health), Looking after Yourself (domestic life, self-care and work/education)
  • Communication (Understanding, Expression, Relationships & Learning/Thinking)
  • Leisure & Environment (Leisure home, Leisure away & Environment)
  • Looking After Yourself (Domestic Life, Self-Care & work/Education)
  • Social Care (Activities, Where you live & You)


  • Children and Young Person sets for Early Years, Primary and Secondary covering (My body & skills, What I do & My support & My wider world)

Where is the session?

Where and when advertised, sessions can be arranged to meet locality needs.

How to book

Further dates to follow.




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