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Sexual Harm in Adult care

Name of the session

Sexual Harm in Adult Care (Led and presented by Yvonne Gray)

Description of course

Understanding the difference between an individual having capacity and giving consent to an intimate relationship and abusive situations.  Looking at the legislation linked to capacity/consent and Adult support and Protection.  How to identify abusive behaviour and its effects.  How/when to report concerns, how to look after yourself when working with abusive situations or listening to disclosure of abuse.  Recognising and dealing with inappropriate sexual behaviour directed towards you.

Who is it for?

Aimed at all staff working in adult care whether in a care home/day care setting or within their own homes in the community

What will I learn?

You will learn the difference between healthy intimate relationships and abusive situations.  What you will need to consider if you suspect or observe sexual abuse or if sexual abuse has been disclosed to you.   How/When to report and record information.  How to look after yourself and deal with your own emotions when working with individuals. 

Where is the session?

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How to book

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This was an excellent session and certainly made me think.  I would have liked it to be a whole day as I felt the discussions were very helpful and I’d have liked longer to do this.

This is a difficult subject to talk about but the session was very sensitively presented and I felt comfortable using my own experiences in the group.  Yvonne had said at the beginning that we only needed to share what we felt comfortable sharing and I shared because I felt very supported in the session.  It was nice when people said what I had shared had been helpful for them

I had never thought of historical sexual abuse and how this might affect service user’s behaviour when they need personal care