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Adults With Incapacity Online

Name of the course?

Adults with Incapacity online

Developed by Policy Hub Scotland in collaboration with former Public Guardian Sandra MacDonald


Sandra MacDonald

Description of the course

 Former Public Guardian of Scotland Sandra MacDonald presents her online learning course on all things Adults with Incapacity - taking you from policy to practice: offering you legal concepts without legal jargon.

This online learning course provides over 9 hours of CPD, including 22 on demand video classes and related activities, case studies and responses. You can click and play as much of Sandra's video classes as you like, whenever you like in whichever order you like. Providing you with a comprehensive understanding of AWI legislation and the confidence of how to use it effectively in practice.

                      22 Video classes - 12 Activities, Case studies and Responses - 9 hours CPD


 In addition, course learners can speak with Sandra directly via a series of scheduled  web chats - enabling you to discuss any issues, queries or questions you may have as you progress through the course.

Flexible learning

Once you enrol on the course you will be provided with your personalised learner profile, enabling you to log-in and log-out in your own time, monitoring your course progress as you work through the learning at your own pace. You scan also access any of the content at any time - including the classes you've already completed. The course content will be available to you until February 2022, providing you with an easily accessible 'library' for future reference. 

Who is this for?

PKC Social Work

What will I learn?

 The online resource covers:

  • Capacity assessing
  • Power of Attorney
  • AWI Principles
  • Guardianship
  • Supported decision making
  • Rights, Will and Preference
  • Reporting and dealing with concerns

How to book?

 Please contact if you would like to enrol for this online learning opportunity

 For more information please visit the course webpage:


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