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Spaces for Listening

Name of the session

Spaces for Listening

Description of the session

This session is a space created to enable us to listen and be heard.

The session will be facilitated and everyone in the group will have the opportunity to answer 3 questions and listen to the other participants answer the 3 questions. This is a timed activity and everyone in the group has 2 minutes to answer each question.

This experience has been experienced and enjoyed by many, facilitated on line across the world by Brigid Russell and Charlie Jones. Our team are offering the opportunity here in Perth and Kinross with a facilitator from the Learning and Development Team.

"There seems to be a yearning for a space, a chance to be heard. Many of us are seeking to understand more about what is going on, and where we might go next. If we are going to find the more sustainable and humane ways to move forward from the current Covid-19 crisis, then don't we need a better quality of conversations? Getting on with creating these spaces, keeping it simple yet meaningful, seems like a bold idea.

Could it be as simple as listening to each other more, creating more space to listen and be heard? Well we think that would be a very good start.

What if we gathered together in a space and shared with each other: how we are feeling, what we are thinking and what we are hoping for?

Such a space for listening does not give us the 'answer'. What it does is gives us breathing space: to find out and share what is going on for each of us; and to hear where others are too." Brigid Russell and Charlie Jones


"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say" Bryant H McGill

Who is it for?

Spaces for listening is for anyone who is interested in listening and curious to explore the difference it makes

You can book as an individual or if this is something you would like to do with a group or as a team, please contact us here 

How long is the session?

The space will be no longer than an hour.


What will I learn?

 The experience and space where you are heard and consciously listen


How to book?

You can book here for the following Spaces for Listening dates, or you can contact us at if you would like to work with your team or organise a session for a specific group.

Dates & Times

More dates to follow.


Please have a look at this blog post by Brigid Russell and Charlie Jones. This includes experiences of facilitating spaces for listening sessions and feedback from participants:

Blog post - Brigid Russell and Charlie Jones

 Listen here to the Podcast with Brigid Russell and Mike Chitty, Spaces for Listening


Spaces for Listening is a format developed by Brigid Russell and Charlie Jones