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Scottish Vocational Qualifications


Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Social Services and Health Care or, SVQs as they are more commonly known, are based on a person's ability, or competence, to carry out their job to National Occupational Standards (NOS). SVQs are offered at different levels.  The Social Services and Health Care Awards start at Level 2, and progress through to Level 4 (the different levels are a reflection of the candidate’s job role).

SVQ assessment allows someone to demonstrate and reflect on the skills required to do a job well, as well as understand and reflect on how it is done. The awards are built on the idea that people who do not already hold a relevant work qualification, but have the necessary experience, values, knowledge and skills to work competently, can be assessed during  hours of work whilst undertaking usual work activities, and achieve a qualification that way.  As with most qualifications, SVQ requires commitment to personal study time but it is based on writing about your work role and the things you do every day.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) SSSC registration is the responsible body that manages the register of the social services  workforce. 

Our highly experienced Assessors and Verifiers will support you through the qualification from the day you begin.

We have lots more interesting information to add to our website relating to SVQ assessment, so please bear with us while we do this. If you have any queries, thoughts, ideas or questions relating to Social Services and Healthcare SVQ's please contact:

Dawn McCarthy, Susan Williams or Wyness Glennie or email


Application forms:

SVQ 2/3 application form

SVQ 4 application form

Manager's support statement, ( SVQ 2/3/4)


 SVQ Resources