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Support over the Holiday Period December/January


 Festive Opening Times for services and support groups in Perth & Kinross 2020


Over this festive period services and support are still available, our partners in:

#Andysmanclub, #SmartRecovery, #TheLighthousePerth, #Womenswellbeingclub, and #RecoveryCafes are open and offering support.


Andy’s man club and Smart Recovery are operating social distanced meetings.


The Recovery Café is online and available.


Contact regarding festive online recovery cafes and for peer to peer support,

Contact for support around suicidal thoughts, emotional distress.



Perth and Kinross Substance Misuse Service & DAT

Drumhar Health Centre


Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media)

01738 564261 – general enquiries

07920070845/07920070797 - referrals


Open Hours/Dates:


21/12/2020 – 23/12/2020 – 9am – 5pm telephone contact in first instance 

29/12/2020 -  30/12/2020 -   9am – 5pm telephone contact in first instance 

05/01/2021 -  9am – 5pm telephone contact in first instance 


Providing face to face support, available between 10am and 2pm - telephone for attendance time prior to attending.  


24/12/2020 9am - 2pm

31/12/2020 9am - 2pm

Closed -25/12/2020; 28/12/2020; 01/01/2021; 04/01/2021


 Service name - The Neuk is open until Xmas Eve 0930 -1600 . 


Phone support only Christmas Day and Boxing Day 0930-1600 (both Days).


Mon 27th to Friday 31st 0930 - 1600 .


Phone support only 1st and 2nd 0930-1600


Service name - Andy’s Man Club Monday meetings are online over Christmas and New Year and if they wish to contact us on for further info.



Turning Point Scotland Floating Housing Support Service

Service location:   3 Grosvenor House, Shore Road, Perth

Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media) – 01738 637268


What support they are offering* - we provide tenancy support and also ad hoc support within St Catherine’s Square 

Open Hours/Dates: - Service will operate as normal but will close on 25/12/2020 and 01/01/2021

Ad Hoc support within St Catherine’s Square will be provided Mon – Thurs 12-2pm Fri 10-12 but again will not operate on Friday 25/12/2020 or Friday 01/01/2021


*Does Service provide Face to Face support during Covid-19 (Christmas Break): Yes service will continue providing face to face support. 

 Service will be closed on 25/12/2020 & 01/01/2021



 Tayside Council on Alcohol


Service location:   18 King Street, Perth  PH2 8JA

Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media)

01738 580336   Or

What support they are offering – Face to face counselling, Telephone or virtual counselling on Zoom.


Open Hours/Dates:            Thursday 24th December 9-4.30 pm

                               Friday 25th December – Closed

                               Monday 28th December – Closed

                               Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st December open 9-4.30 pm

                               Friday 1st January – Closed

                               Monday 1st January – Closed

                               Tuesday 5th January – Open again normal hours


Pharmacy Opening Times 2020 Festive Season.


Please check with your pharmacy to make sure you are aware of the Christmas/New Year Opening times as they are liable to vary and the times can differ between locations.


Christmas Day 2020:

Rowlands in Kinross is open 2pm-3pm

Well Rannoch Rd Perth open 2pm-3pm

Davidsons Pitlochry is open 2pm-3pm


New Year Day 2021:

Most pharmacies open 2-3pm

ASDA Perth, Dunkeld Rd is open 12 noon – 6pm


Churches Action for the Homeless – Day Centre


Service location:       Ladeside

                               St Catherine’s Road


                               PH1 5RY

Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media)

01738 633077

What support they are offering –


The CATH Day Centre is a “drop in” service which supports people affected by homelessness or at risk of homelessness. The Day Centre aims to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for individuals who may be experiencing varying degrees of crisis in their life.


Over Christmas individuals will be able to access

  • crisis support
  • Hot cooked meals
  • Small activities
  • Laundry and showers available for anyone to address their personal hygiene


 Open Hours/Dates:

24th December 20    9:30am – 4pm

25th December 2020          10:00am – 2pm

26th December 2020          10am -12pm

27th December 2020          Closed

28th December 2020           9:30am -4pm

29th December 2020          9:30am – 4pm

30th December 2020          9:30am -4pm

31st December 2020          9:30am -4pm

1st January 2021               10-12pm

2nd January 2021               10 -12pm

3rd January 2021 -             Closed



Lighthouse Perth:

Out of hours crisis line times:

25th December:  8pm - 2am

26th December:  8pm - 2am


1st January:  8pm - 2am

2nd January:  8pm - 2am


All other days as normal: 

Monday to Thursday 10am - 4pm (telephone and online crisis support)

FREEPHONE: 0800 121 4820




Service location:  

60-62 High Street, Perth

11-13 Perth Street, Blairgowrie


Search Twitter for @JCPinNorthScot



Open Hours/Dates:

Week commencing 14th -18th December - normal opening hours

Week commencing 21st December – closed Friday 25th

Week commencing 28th December – closed Monday 28th and Friday 1st January 2021

Week commencing 4th January 2021 – closed Monday 4th January only


*Does Service provide Face to Face support during Covid-19 (Christmas Break):

No face to face services on the above dates



Perth Prison Visitors Support & Advice Centre

Service location:

HMP Perth 3 Edinburgh Road Perth PH2 8AT


Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media) 01738 625503 email


What support they are offering* Additional Support to Families of Prisoners also referrals to other agencies if required including Foodbanks in their local area.  Staff available in the Centre or by telephone on times and dates below.


Open Hours/Dates: 23, 24, 26 27 December 10am to 4pm



Breadalbane Community Larder

Service location:

Aberfeldy Church Centre, Taybridge Road, Aberfeldy


Contact details (Telephone) 0345 30 111 00

   closed from 20 Dec until 8 January


Open Hours/Dates:   Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm (PKC Support Line), Saturday 11:00am – 12:30pm for FoodShare and Community Larder



CAP Highland Perthshire


Service location:   Aberfeldy Church Centre, Taybridge Road, Aberfeldy


Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media) 0800 328 0006


What support they are offering*   debt advice & financial education


Open Hours/Dates:   closed from 12.00pm 24 December until 9.30am 4 January



Tay Valley Timebank/Covid19Support  


Aberfeldy and surrounds, all of PH15 + PH9 as far as Logierait


Contact details (Telephone Number(s), emails, social media)


075074 79555;;




What support they are offering*


Prescription deliveries; buddy shopping; emergency shopping


Open Hours/Dates:


Phone calls, texts, emails will be responded to between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday with the exception of 25th December and 1st January.  Voicemails, texts and emails received outwith these hours will be answered on the following week-day.


*Does Service provide Face to Face support during Covid-19 (Christmas Break): 

Only in the form of doorstep delivery of prescriptions/shopping.


Our Blairgowrie centre will remain open at the usual times across the Festive Period (Tues 10-11.30am and Thurs 2.30-4pm).



The Welfare Rights Team


The Welfare Rights Team aims to ensure that the residents of Perth and Kinross are not missing out on their entitlement to benefits and other related help by providing a free, confidential and impartial benefits advice, information and appeal representation service.


You can phone the Welfare Rights Advice Line

on 01738 476900 from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday

or email”

Please note that from 4pm on Christmas Eve (24th of Dec) until 9am on Tuesday 5th January the Welfare Rights Team will be on festive leave and the office will be shut.  


Scottish Welfare Fund

Provide a safety net in an emergency when there is an immediate threat to health and safety through the provision of Crisis Grants, Self-Isolation Grants and Community Care Grants.


A limited Crisis Grant service will be available over the festive period.


Phone line opening times

Christmas Eve

8.45 – 2pm


10 - 4pm


10 – 4pm


Crisis Grant applications can be made in the usual way via online: or via telephone 01738 476900.


Self-Isolation Support Grant applications can be made in the usual way via outbound calls from us or via online as per above. There will be less interruption to the Self-Isolation Support Grant service. The service will be available as follows.

Christmas Eve- 8.45 – 2pm

28-21st – December 10 – 4pm

4th of January - 10 – 4pm


Times and that you have your medications in hand.


YOUR Medication

Over the holiday season you may be given more than one dose of your medication to take away with you

This medication is prescribed for YOU, never give your medicine to someone else


You are responsible for your own medication and safe storage


Only take your normal dose of medication and do not exceed daily dose – this may result in overdose


Safe and Secure Storage of your Medicines


**You are responsible for the safe keeping of your doses**

Make sure your medication is kept out of sight and reach of children

Store in a cool dry place

Keep your methadone in original child proof cap container given to you at your pharmacy

Keep your buprenorphine in original blister and box given to you at your pharmacy

Place up high in a cupboard out of sight and reach (lockable cupboard/container if possible)

For methadone rinse bottle with water and place in bin after consumption




Children have NO tolerance to methadone or buprenorphine and even the smallest amount can kill them

If this medication is consumed it can make a child

  • - Stop breathing
  • - Vomit
  • - Unconscious – which can cause them to choke on their own saliva


Talk to your children about the dangers of all your medicines


REMEMBER: YOU are responsible for the safe storage of YOUR medicine




Overdose and Naloxone


Signs of overdose include:

  • - Pinpoint pupils
  • - Not able to wake them up
  • - Pale skin
  • - Blue lips
  • - Shallow/slow breathing
  • - Snoring rasping breaths – sometimes mistaken that person is in a deep sleep

If you think someone may be taking an overdose ACT FAST – IT COULD SAVE THEIR LIFE

  • - Call an ambulance
  • - Give rescue breaths if person not breathing
  • - Give Naloxone if available
  • - Naloxone only works for a short time. It is VERY IMPORTANT to phone an ambulance


Illicit drugs and alcohol with your medication


Taking illicit drugs and alcohol presents health hazards.

These health hazards increase significantly when taking all together and along with other prescribed or over the counter medication.

If you overdo both or either you are more likely to overdose.


 There were 1,264 drug related deaths in Scotland last year (2019) This is a 6% rise or 77 more deaths than 2018.


Most common drugs identified at a drug related death:

Opioids - Heroin, methadone, buprenorphine MST’s

Benzos/valleys – diazepam, etizolam, alprazolam(xanax) Street Valium and Spice.

Pregabalin/Gapapentin Alcohol




 Mental Health Tips for 2020


Stay aware of your mental health


  • Tell people what helps. If certain treatments have helped in the past, tell your doctor. Let your friends and family know how they can support you.


  • Spot your early warning signs. Try to be aware of how you’re feeling and watch out for any signs you might be becoming unwell, so you can get support as soon as possible.


  • Keep a mood diary. Tracking your moods can help you to work out what makes you feel better or worse. You can then take steps to avoid, change or prepare for difficult situations. You can create your own mood diary or find one online.



Christmas Safe Tips


  • It’s your medication, therefore it’s your responsibility
  • Always safely secure your medication out of reach
  • Children have no tolerance to this medication, it can kill them
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of overdose and use Naloxone if you need to – Always phone an ambulance you will NOT be in trouble
  • Do not mix your medication with other drugs or alcohol – this effect can be fatal
  • For any further help and support please refer to previous page



Needing help and support

NHS 24: 111 – free number, lines open 24/7


Police Scotland non-emergency number: 101


Emergency services (police, ambulance, fire): 999


Crimestoppers  - 0800 555 111 or

Please know that any contact made to crimestoppers stays 100% anonymous.


Breathing Space (mental health, low mood, depression and anxiety) – 0800 838 587


Samaritans – 01382 832555 or 01738 626666

PKC Out Of Hours –

  • Mental health services- 0345 301 11 20
  • Adult care services - 0345 301 11 20


Housing and Food

Homeless Services Unit-

Perth & Kinross –

0800 917 0708

or 01738 476000


Drugs and Alcohol

Ask Frank – 0300 123 6600

Home - Know the Score Click link or call: 0333 230 9468


Women’s Aid

Perth – 01738 63904

24 Hour National Helpline - 0800 027 1234




Please feel free to add any information you feel necessary for Christmas/New Year 2020

Stay Safe This Christmas & New Year 20/21 Please see the information about your safety, stay safe keep well.



We wish all of you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy New Year.