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Recovery Week 28 September

Information on Recovery Week can be found here


Diary of Events

Monday:  Remembrance - A Day of Reflection and Tributes

Tuesday:  The Neuk - drop in day to promote mental health well-being

Wednesday:  Recovery Walk North Inch -a one mile walk  from the 'selfie wings' beside Bell's Sports Centre

Thursday:  Tackling Stigma around language

Friday:  Hope & Renewal - pressing the reset button!


“It’s important this year especially that Recovery and well-being in Perth & Kinross is marked and celebrated; the compassion shown through our community during these difficult times has been humbling, and it is this compassion that will continue to help aid the recovery journey of many people.  A lot of people have struggled but this has not stopped recovery taking place, recovery in many forms, such as addiction, bereavement and mental health.”  

Sharon Thomas, Lighthouse for Perth. 

“People in recovery are changing their self-talk to be more compassionate. Hopefully in time this can be added to and expanded on as an ongoing project.”

Bridie Tulloch, Hillcrest Futures

Recovery week poster, see below with contact details for recovery cafe 



Have a look at some of the feather messages written by people who access support from Hillcrest, and some stories of recovery.


 Read Liam McLaughlin's blog  'From Heart to Recovery'


Watch the video on what recovery means from the staff at CATH 


Loss and Grief

You can watch the 2019 'To Absent Friends' video here. Loss and grief is experienced by us all.  Recovery from someone dying, or loss of a relationship can feel like a never-ending struggle. We'll be hosting our second 'To Absent Friends' event on the 1st - 7th of November to reminisce and remember those we have loved and lost


"Recovery Means to Me." 

"Freedom, happiness, being in control of my demons and living my best life with confidence again as me and as a mother to my gorgeous kids which they deserve. I have my self-esteem back, having a clear head and zest for life again.   I love me now more than ever and respect myself again and this fills me with pride.  Sobriety for me is the best buzz or high you can get – it’s priceless.  I love life again and enjoy giving it my best shot. 

If you want sobriety you can have it but you have to truly want it.

 Sobriety to me is about living ... not just existing … and realising you deserve it for you." 

DM, Perth

"Recovery Means Life"


“Recovery means life … at one stage it literally meant life or death for me … and it means freedom, freedom from all the pressures of  feeding a habit.” 

Lydia, Perth