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Welcome to this section of our website that is dedicated to team based work and locality support.

Here you will discover how we work together with teams in a way that is unique to their needs and wants, designed and delivered in a collaborative way that allows for the best learning experience.

Understanding Our Locality Workforce

The learning and development team worked with locality social work teams to support generic working and transformation.  We asked teams to work through various activities to ensure sessions were interactive and meaningful to them.

These sessions enabled the space for teams and individuals to explore how the current changes are impacting on them and the possibilities and future opportunities which may arise through these changes. 

Through participation in these sessions, the learning and development team were given the opportunity to understand how teams and individuals perceive their learning needs and create an understanding of how people want to learn, to enable gaps, wants and needs in their practice to be fulfilled. 

Work with Localities

Locality learning and development is enabling the creation of effective partnerships across the wider Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership.  Workers and managers will be supported through bespoke and locality wide learning opportunities, to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge within their roles across all localities.

The work undertaken across all localities will be led by strategic priorities – both nationally and locally – and led by workers and managers themselves regarding their own learning and development needs at any given time.  Learning will be personalised, collaborative and creative, supporting staff through transformation, integration and a change in culture and behaviours.

Learning Needs

The Learning and Development Team conducted an online survey gizmo Learning Needs questionnaire to all staff between Monday 26 September 2016, to Friday 21 October 2016.

This online survey was the beginning of our engagement with all teams and individuals to establish what  people’s learning and development needs and wants are. This has enabled us to understand what people’s needs are, what are the gaps in learning, how we can support you and what we need to do as a team to set our own priorities.

We will regularly seek out your views, opinions and feedback in a variety of different ways, however we also invite you to speak with any of us in the team about any area of your own learning and development.

Learning Needs Analysis Summary Nov 2016

Learning Needs Analysis Report

As it has been some time since we conducted our last survey, we are looking to conduct a further survey later in the year so watch this space for more information.


Team Based Working

How does it feel to be a member of the team you are in?

As a team, are you as effective as you would all like to be?

As a team, are you curious to explore possibilities?

Research shows, see Affina OD ,  that there are clear links between effective team working and the following:

  • - Patient mortality
  • - Innovation
  • - Customer satisfaction
  • - Workforce engagement, satisfaction and wellbeing
  • - Care quality
  • - Performance
  • - Diversity
  • - Quality management
  • - Rapid change
  • - Delivering strategy
  • - Learning

Professor Michael West explains this here in ‘Why Teams?’ Affina OD Library . Professor Michael West also talks about why team based working in the short video below.



If you are the kind of team who is looking for opportunities to improve, innovate and transform, then the Affina Team Journey, see Affina OD Team Tools , might be what you are looking for to support that.

Within Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership we have a team of Affina Team Journey coaches who can support and enable your team journey.

If you would like to talk to us about this please contact us @pklearning or



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Intent Based Leadership

There are a number of leadership styles we can adopt to support our journey’s.

Intent based leadership is a style explored by David Marquet while leading a team in the US Navy. You can watch his illustrated talk here:


If you are interested in Intent Based Leadership, how it can support you and how you lead and work with people, have a look at David Marquet


You could set yourself up to receive ‘Leadership nudges’ from David where you can receive weekly emails with a short 2 minute video where David challenges to provoke thought and insight into how you lead, you can enrol here David Marquet  

David Marquet has published 2 books, ‘Turn the ship around’ and ‘Say less, lead more’. 

If you would like to speak further about Intent Based Leadership please contact us @pklearning or