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Home Assessment recovery team

This is a dedicated learning space for the Home Assessment Recovery Team  (HART) team who are within Perth & Kinross Health & Social Care Partnership. In particular for those people working within Reablement who work to support people to regain lost skills, build their confidence and empower to regain independence with aspects of health and daily living.




Reablement is a person centred approach within health and social care that helps individuals  to learn or re- learn the skills necessary to be able to engage in activities/occupations that are important to them

Reablement: key issues for commissioners of adult social care (SCIE)



 The Learning Pathway

 To help you navigate your way through the HART learning materials you will see the following symbols which will help direct you to what you need to watch, read or listen to prior to coming along to any of the planned online sessions where we will explore together in more detail.


 Where you see this "Must know" symbol this is the learning that you must complete prior to attending any online session.


 Where you see this " Optional extra" symbol this is where you can explore further learning if you would like to learn more.




 The Reablement Workbook is the first activity that we would like you to complete. It is fundamental to your Reablement role so it's important that you take time to work through this. Depending on your learning style it could take between 2- 6 hours to complete. There are reflection points and questions for you to complete, so please make sure you have a notepad and a pen handy so you can take some notes. We will use this as a basis for our discussion when we meet at the online sessions.



 Please read the Health and Social Care standards in the PDF below. These standards underpin the work for everyone in a Health and Social Care role, please make yourself familiar with the standards as we will discuss why they are so important and what they mean to you at the online sessions.



 Case Studies

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Iriss) have created a video case study on Reablement  which is divided into 5 parts. You can watch the videos on the link here.



The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCiE) have created a series of videos on reablement that you can watch below.


This video is 11 minutes 5 seconds and is based around maintaining independence.


 This video will take you 9 minutes 45 seconds to watch and is about prevention.



 This video is around promoting well - being and is 9 minutes 41 seconds to watch.


 A very short video of 2 minutes 49 seconds on the different views of personalisation.



 This video on seeing people as individuals is again  a short film of 2 minutes 43 seconds.



 A video on communication and personalisation of only 1 minute 53 seconds.


 Examples of good practice which will take you 3 minutes 45 seconds to watch.

 After watching these videos what are your thoughts on reablement? Is it different to how you do things? Is there anything you would do differently? 


Further Resources

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCiE) have created lots of resources around Reablement, so if you would like to learn and explore more in regard to reablement then please follow this link.