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 Welcome to the 'What We Do' section of our website.

Here you can find examples of the work  and projects we are involved in and what you can expect should you collaborate with us in co-designing your learning experience.  

Learning is a journey and we work with individuals, teams and services during different times of those journeys.





Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.

Jean Luc Godard


Storytelling is something we all do, every day. Within the narrative of a story there exist jewels of information, and clues as to what matters to us.

We learn from stories, whether they are in the form of books, documentaries, podcasts, TED talks, social media and most importantly, the stories we tell each other. 





During 'Lock Down', we gathered and filmed four 'Stories From Care' from the Perth and Kinross Health and Social team workforce.

These were themed under Work, Life, Balance and Community and Relationships, please click on the link to watch these incredible stories.  


Stories from Care




Our Collaborative Approach to Co-designing  Projects

Why this matters? 

Coming together to work in a collaborative approach supports our co-design ethos within learning and development.

Being able to successfully work toward a common goal with others can support us to create the future together. 

Key skills we can bring to your project include communicating clearly, actively listening to others, taking responsibility for mistakes, share our resources and experiences, respecting and embracing the diversity of all our colleagues,  so we can create meaningful person centred outcomes for the people of Perth and Kinross.



Please read about the projects we are currently involved in just click the link to get more informative information, videos and resources. 

Learning Disability Day Support Collaborative Project



 Care at Home Development Page



Compassionate Communities Project


Please watch this short Ted Talk on 'The power of collaboration' by Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sánchez





If you want to get involved we'd love to hear and work with you.

We welcome your ideas, please email on the link below  

 Learning and Development Team