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An Introduction to Working with Human Worries (PKC staff only)

An Introduction to Working with Human Worries (For PKC Staff only)


To develop the confidence of workers to assess risk in a way which supports people to live their lives to the full.

 The Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland (2021) states that there needs to be a reframing of social care support to work with fellow citizens to enable them to lead their lives to the full and contribute purposefully to the wider community. The cost of this support should be seen as an investment in citizenship rather than an economic burden to the state. In order to do this effectively, workers assessing have to become resolutely focused on the outcomes of individuals seeking supports.

 In practice, this means engaging people in effective Good Conversations which discover what really matters to people and what they hope for from the support they request. This requires these workers to have the confidence to work alongside individuals, families and communities and enable them to take life-enhancing risks where this is necessary to pursue their hopes and dreams. We suggest that this requires us to reframe that aspect of working with people as ‘working with human worries’ rather than ‘management of risk’. This programme will introduce this paradigm shift to workers in Perth & Kinross alongside some simple tools and compelling stories to support and encourage this approach to grow.


  An introduction to ‘Working with Human Worries’ –  Wednesday 6 October 2021   11:00 – 12:00

  •  An initial 1 hour session which will introduce the Human Worries approach and explain its context and development. The session will also include input from a person with lived experience of being risk-assessed and who has experience of using the Thistle Approach and some time for participants to reflect on their initial responses and questions about the approach in small groups. This feedback will be harvested and inform the subsequent development of the programme. The presentational aspects of this session will be filmed and made available for Perth & Kinross to use with other colleagues at a later stage.
  •  All sessions will be delivered virtually on Zoom (link to follow)

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About the Facilitators

Steve Coulson is a Lead Training Consultant and Coach (for self-organised teams) at the Thistle Foundation and has practiced and trained in person centred approaches since 1999. He worked at Scottish Human Services as a Senior Trainer and left in 2002 to join Edinburgh Development Group where he led the Future Plans project using person centred planning with young people in transition. He developed the Big Plan in Scotland with his friend Heather Simmons and they wrote the book ‘The Big Plan – a good life after school’ published by Inclusion Press in 2006. Steve has also contributed to a Jessica Kingsley Publication ‘Co-production and Personalisation in Social Care.’ He has worked throughout the UK, Western Australia, USA and Cyprus.


Emma McKendrick is a Peer Support Worker and facilitator at Thistle Foundation who has worked in the social care sector in Edinburgh since 2011. She began her career as a volunteer with The Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCiL). Her role involved answering front line enquiries coming in to the organisation and facilitating training for people who were thinking about or were already accessing SDS. Topics included planning for the future and PA employment skills. In 2013, she also took on the role of champion at LCiL. In this role, Emma shares her experiences of having 24/7 SDS support with a variety of groups. For example, co-facilitating training for Social Work teams across Lothian, particularly during the first year of SDS implementation. She left her main role at LCiL to join Thistle Foundation in 2018. However, she continues to be part of LCiL’s Champions Programme