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Compassionate Communities

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 Below are projects that support us  to create a compassionate community... 


We want Scotland to be a place where people help each other through the difficult times that can come with death, dying, loss and care.

We believe that people usually want to do the right thing when someone they know is affected by ill health, death or grief.

But sometimes other things get in the way – lack of knowledge, time, experience or confidence can mean people don’t offer help. Structures, culture and conventions can create barriers to individuals acting on their intuition.

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief wants to address this. We want to create a Scotland where everyone knows how to help when someone is dying or grieving.



The Truacanta Project was set up to support local communities across Scotland who are interested in taking community action to improve people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care.



People who have died remain a part of our lives – their stories are our stories, yet many Scottish traditions relating to the expression of loss and remembrance have faded over time.

To Absent Friends gives people across Scotland an excuse to remember, to tell stories, to celebrate and to reminisce about people we love who have died. To Absent Friends, a People's Festival of Storytelling and Remembrance is an opportunity to revive lost traditions and create new ones.

A people's festival of storytelling and remembrance

Because dead ordinary people live on in the memories and stories we share.

Held across Scotland from 1-7 November each year.




The Buddy Bench, or Friendship Bench as it is sometimes known, is quite simply a bench situated through the local communities. If a person is feeling lonely and looking for a friend to talk to they make their way to the bench and take a seat.




 Story stones are pictures or words drawn or painted onto smooth pebbles, and used as an aid in storytelling.