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Carers Act Learning 

Welcome to the Carers Act Learning page, full of informative information, videos, podcasts and stories around the Carers Act and why it matters? 






 When did the Carers Act come in to effect in Scotland? 

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 came into force on the 1st April 2018. The Act provides new rights to carers in a number of areas. These include: a duty for local authorities to provide support to carers, based on the carer’s identified needs which meet the local eligibility criteria.






What is the Carer Act? 

The Act came in to effect on 1 April 2018, and will ensure better and more consistent support for carers and young carers so that they can continue to care, if they so wish, in better health and to have a life alongside caring. The Act is designed to support carers’ health and wellbeing and help make caring more sustainable. 





 Facts & Figures  about Unpaid Carers In Scotland

Carers save the Scottish economy £10.3 billion - close to the cost of providing NHS services in Scotland.

There are 759,000 adults’ carers in Scotland - 17% of the adult population.

There are an estimated 29,000 young carers in Scotland - 4% of the under 16 population.

Every year over 160,000 take on a caring role - even more took on the role in 2020 through the pandemic

171,000 people care for 35 hours a week or more and 132,000 people care for 50 hours a week or more.

59% of carers are female, 41% male.

3 in 5 of us will become carers at some point in our lives. Few people plan to become a career, but it is a natural thing to do.

Over 250,000 people juggle caring with holding down a job.

The main carers' benefit is worth just £62.10 for a minimum of 35 hours. That is an hourly rate of £1.77.

A third of carers are struggling to pay utility bills, 47% have been in debt and half are struggling to make ends meet, cutting back on food and heating as a result.

8 in 10 carers say their health is worse because of caring.

56% of carers are employed or self-employed.

By 2037 the number of carers in Scotland will have increased to around 1 million





Carers Act  Awareness Sessions 

We are excited to offer a new learning opportunity  around the Carers Act  Awareness Learning. 

Click on the link below to get started!


CARERS ACT LEARNING - Various dates available for 2023


What are the rights of Carers?

The Carer Act gives carers the right to support from their local authority. You can get this support through a carers assessment.  A carers assessment should look at all your needs including the things you would like to be able to do in your daily life. Your needs should be written down in a support plan. 






What is the definition of a Carer?

A “carer” means an individual who either currently provides care or intends to provide care for another individual. The cared-for person might be elderly or frail, have a physical or mental health illness, a disability, a long-term condition, or a substance misuse issue.



Please watch this short video from the charity 'Care for the Carers'

"Are you a carer for a neighbour, friend or relative? You may not realise, but you're entitled to a Carer's Assessment. Here, Hazel explains in 'Part of my Life', how getting a Carer's Assessment can benefit you in your caring role."




Carers Joint Strategy 

The strategic approach to services for Carers in Perth and Kinross is led by the  "Carers Strategy for Young and Adult Carers 2019- 2022"


Please watch this short video on the Joint Carers Strategy 2019 -22 



Hospital to Home  

Please watch this short video on Hospital to Home for Unpaid Carers in Perth and Kinross 




 Who are PKAVS? 

"We are a dynamic local charity with a Big Heart – from carers young and old, to adults recovering from mental ill-health, minority communities, volunteers, and voluntary groups – we work tirelessly throughout Perth and Kinross to improve wellbeing, connect communities, and help people to realise their potential."



Please watch this short video explaining the incredible work which PKAVS have been doing in the Perth and Kinross area for over  40years.




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